Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why I Love the Interweb or How I Learned to Crochet in 4.2 Hours

Hope we all had delightful Memorial Day weekends. I know I did. I indulged in what I like to call the three C's: Crochet, Coffee, and Country.
Two of the above were made possible by the wonders of the Intraweb, specifically Pandora (George Strait station!) and YouTube.
Fellow blogger Couture Details provided the impetus for my foray into the world of crochet by announcing that she taught herself crochet via YouTube. She then proceeded to post pictures of a dress covered with adorable little flowers. Well, I never.

I felt instigated. My desire to teach myself to crochet was heightened by other fellow blogger, Sew Tessuti, posting photos of an adorable little hat she crocheted for her beautiful daughter.

Crochet was this seemingly effortless little skill that everyone had but me. No longer, my friends. I have joined the club.

Look here:

This lovely lady taught me how to make a flower AND a granny square and I will forever be grateful.


That plaid cloth with the yarn is what D and I will upholster our stool with eventually.

Couture Details is right: crochet is everywhere.
Exhibit A:

Mayle shirt and 3.1 Phillip Lim bolero via Jake.

And in case you thought we weren't being crafty (enough), here's a necklace I made and some lions I'm making and a lamp D whipped up out of old labware:

I love D's light. As we've already established, I love those long skinny light bulbs. And as has also been covered, Niche Modern is too pricey, although LOOK at this sconce design sponge found at ICFF.

But back to reality: for a fraction of the price, some similar fixtures from John Beck Steel. Oooo. Also via design sponge.

Yet I think we all agree D's light is the best of all. :)

I just recently found a minute to check out Shutter Sister's One Sweet Shot for May and wanted to share a few of the photos with you.

From: Amonick

From: Crystal. I love the clouds and prairies in these. The air feels sultry with nostalgia and slightly foreboding at the same time. For some reason these feel very, very Southern to me.

Giambattista Valli:
Classic? Check.
Elegant? Check.
Feminine? Check.
Luxurious? Check.
Gorgeous? Check.
Timeless? Check, check. Feast your eyes:

Some larger photos:

I want. That pink dress.

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Dylan said...

Lovely, as always. And thanks for showing off the light. I will add, for those interested in the crochet portion of this post, that this blog's author taught herself to crochet in record time, beating the socks off of her "interweb" competition. A gold medal, indeed.