Monday, May 5, 2008

My Shirt is Done.

So my shirt is finally done. See? Here's a picture of it:

You may be wondering why I am not more excited. You may also be wondering, if you are the type, why one side of the collar is wrinkly. This is why:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. There is a stain. Let me back up now, and share some background on how UNFAIR this is.

This part of the post is entitled: The Horror.

I finished this shirt last night at a late, late hour. I may have even finished it this morning. I have been working on it for some time now. It is beautifully finished. French seams, facings, hand-embroidered top stitching, decorative box pleats; a lot of thought, effort, love and hard work went into this shirt.

This morning I went to cut a thread on that creamy PALE linen collar with scissors that, unbeknownst to me, were covered with ink from an exploded pen.

I spent half an hour scrubbing my shirt, hence the wrinkles, and there is still a mark. Even you glass-half-full people have to admit that this is SO UNFAIR.

But no use crying over spilled milk. It is a lovely shirt, and the mark is barely noticeable.

I promised pictures of my cute pony Moony, and here he is. He knows the word "cookie" -- that's how I got him to prick his ears.

And this is my stable, La Jolla. It is pretty fancy. Those are, indeed, lion statues, and that is, indeed, a tree-lined drive-way.

My next project will be a skirt, (looking on the bright side, thinking positive, letting UNFAIR) and D and I are in the process of reupholstering a stool in this gorgeous camel/gray wool plaid. And I still have to make Mink's new harness (szeleczka) out of oilcloth!


Elzbieta said...

Leu, your shirt is beautiful.I like the collar very much and stitching on it.What is the stain? It is what artists in Mexico end here in some pueblos do on purpose: to emphasize that a human being will never much the perfect design of the Creator. Kiss your horse from me. Poems touched my heart.LOVE

Colette said...

Your top is absolutely fabulous. I love the print and the tacking stitched detail on the neck band. What stain? I can't see it!!!