Friday, May 9, 2008

Shoes: Part 1 of INFINITY

I have so many ideas for shoe posts: architectural shoes (you wouldn't believe how many); origami shoes (same here); colorful I'm posting on shoes I LOVE. Much of the credit goes to popgloss, a fun little site with sweet taste in shoes. I'm so excited about all the new brands I've found!

I really wanted this little number from Irregular Choice (what a gorgeous color) but alas - not available in my size (darn it! how am I ever going to spend my stimulus payment if this keeps happening?!? :) ) The color reminded me of an iridescent bird, like a peacock or a hummer, but upon further research I decided the color best matched a New Zealand bird, the Tui (grabbed the image here).

The Tui bird gets its name from the Maori language and produces unusual and complex vocalizations due to the presence of two voice boxes, apparently.

Now, normally, I'm not a fan of patent leather (does it remind anyone else of lipgloss or is it just moi?) but these shoes are such a gorgeous color and the brand (Coclico) deserves a mention, so feast your eyes on the melty buttery liquidy goldness of the shoe that is aptly named:

Fish. (image from here).
BTW, goldfish have feelings, too. Seriously. And memory.

OMG. These next two pairs I am so head over heels for, friends and neighbors. As far as I'm concerned Gaspard Yurkievich is a genius. He hails from Paris (what a surprise) and his shoes remind me of dark, controversial, yet sexy things. These for instance:

Are you picking up that sexy banana heel, the short pointy toe, the shiny black and gold? These remind me of:

(image above from here and below from here.)

Now look at these:

The juxtapostion of the gold and green snakeskin makes me SHIVER. I immediately thought of a cobra upon seeing the green snakeskin and the fanned ornament on the toe, but the gold seemed out of place - too bright. And then I was blinded by inspiration:

(Image via here)
The gold is the courage in the heart of the mongoose attacking this cobra. This shoe is Jungle Book and Heart of Darkness all in one. ZING.

It's hard to follow that act, but these boots (Georgina Goodman) do a pretty good job. These are leather, yes. I love the galosh shape and the BUTTON.

These are SO zebrawood, although I think cello, not electric guitar - actually, maybe even hurdy-gurdy as they have a slightly peasant-ish feel to them:

(image from here)

I've been craving these lovelies from Rachel Comey since I first saw them on Anthropologie. There's just something calling to me in that gentle color and curve of the heel. I see the shape of:

a soft grey dove. (image via here).

What gorgeous clogs by Asa Westlund! How CUTE would these look with dark jeans and a red top?? Check out the website - they come in all kinds of colors!
Of course these remind me of:

(image via here.)

Kind of a long post today. Last ones! These final shoes are by a brand I love (Kenzie) because of the shape of their wedge heels:

I'm thinking of getting the below Kenzie shoes because of their versatility, SALE price and cool heel. Take a look. What do you think?

Or not? Are they a little too

, perhaps? Advise, please.

***Update*** Just purchased these babies from (decided to go for the grey snakeskin):

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