Saturday, September 27, 2008

warning: things I want ahead

found this very tasteful (according to moi) boutique online: des kohan. here is my virtual shopping spree:

vena cava top

sharon wauchob top

hussein chalayan loop ankle pants

sharon wauchob belt

total: 2 grand. not bad.

next time we talk is when i get back from the homeland. CIAO!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


usually not a fan of bags. but i LOVE these: knox.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

coolness killed the cat

are these belts cool? You decide: des kohan. The latter is actually one belt that can be worn four ways. neato.

wasn't it just the other day the Olsen twins were starting their clothing line The Row? Well, they've got another one, too. And probably many others I just haven't discovered yet. This ones called Elizabeth and James. Do we think the jewelry is so ugly its cool or so cool its ugly?

And i have the same question about this shoe. Please advise. Ugly or cool? (or, as is so often the case, both)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the most beautiful blog ever

no, not mine. this one: resurrection fern. (You must also check out her flikr- I haven't even posted the most beautiful photos due to the fact that you would be blinded.) The person who writes this blog is a family physician in a small rural community somewhere in the fjords of Canadia. She goes for walks in the wood and sees things like this:

And she makes things like this:

Yes, she knits sweaters for snails and frocks for rocks. And she prints on cloth using real plants. And her laundry looks like this:

And her dinners look like this:

And she is sweet and gentle and happy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

clothe me in japan, please

wow, its japanamania here. How sad that nuan doesn't ship internationally?? They do knitwear very well in japan:

something else to add to the fall needs list: a skights (skirt + tights) or a romper (or as we say, jumpsuit) - that grey knit one is cute. and, for when i move to tokyo/portland, leopard print galoshies.

And THIS fun website. Visit it for a WILD experience.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

who i want to be when i gwow up

those of you who are saying, you're already grown up...hush up. if forty is the new twenty, then i was indeed born just yesterday. googooga.

the last time i was this excited about a discovery was I think when i blobbed about j morgan puett.

today, the cause of all the hoopfafa is matohu.

I worship everything about this label from their ADORABLE logo:

to their wise and poetic design concept:

"Matohu is a Japanese concept. It has two meanings:

The first meaning is to wear clothes in such a way that it creates an atmosphere of beauty, like the motion of wrapping your body softly, and leaving a gentle afterglow.

The second gives the sense of restraint, allowing oneself to mature, like a fruit, slowly, and not to consume something hastily and throw it away." Um, wow.

to the way they use traditional japanese artforms as their inspiration for each collection:

The iht writes this about their most recent collection: "This time the pair took their textile motifs from Tsujigahana, a traditional style of decoration that is so fragile, intricate and complicated that only a few artisans in Kyoto carry on the tradition. Sekiguchi and Horihata went to one of these artisans to learn the craft and the textiles used in the show are their creations."

This is how the fall 08 inspiration is described: "Keicho-Kosode is a style of Kimono which was popular in the Keicho period in Japan. It is distinguished by how it combines three types of art forms tie-dye printing of abstract and concrete motifs, shiny gold foil, and vivid embroidery."

And spring 08: ""Shino" is the name of a style of pottery known by its unique, original sense of beauty typical of late 16th century in Japan. The surface of the pottery is distinguished by an ivory and blue-grey glaze with brush work strokes of rusted iron , elegant distortion and a colour that hints at the green tea which is its perfect complement.
matohu has sought to re-enact these elements in its new collections. Some of our nagagi-dresses were actually drawn by using real iron rust prints."

Monday, September 15, 2008

craves, faves, and the bearable

japanese fashion week continues.

The stuff I thought was wearable and kinda cute, actually. ;)
hisui: note the skeletal dress...

kamishima chinami

support surface - liked the sleeves.

And the ones I loved:

noriko fukushima - looks a little like marni!

motonari ono - i don't care what anyone says - these are too cool. I would totally rock the one with longer shorts! :)

matohu - so sweet and gentle! I love their logo, too. I want those pointelle leggings!


Friday, September 12, 2008


japan fashion week is perhaps my favorite. you see, i love how whimsical yet scientific japanese design is. it's very crazy and skillful, at the same time. you know how you sometimes meet someone and think how can someone so smart be so stupid? it's a little like that. an oxymoron if you will.

Because there were so many designers that were new/interesting to me, I will split this up into two posts:

a) the ugly (the good ugly, that is. I would never show you pure ugly. It is not my way)
bi) the (potentially) wearable
bii) my faves and craves

So let's see some UGLY!!!

mintdesigns. You'll notice a dinosaur/skeleton/umbrella theme as we go. Please note the headgear below accordingly. click on the photo for a larger image.

mercibeaucoup, is a personal fave. it's so sweet.

somarta. see: umbrellas and skeletons!

zechia: are those sleeping bags on their heads? Also pls. note dip-dyed lace short.

everlasting sprout: CROCHET!!!

hiroko koshino: