Monday, May 12, 2008

Lions, Tigers, and Jellyfish; Oh My!

D's friend was here this weekend, so on Friday they went to see the elephant seals.

And then we all went down to the (expensive!) Monterey Bay Aquarium, where the camera promptly decided to run out of batteries, hence the blurred nature of the photos. The jellies were by far my favorite. Part of my FIDM application involves designing evening gowns, and I am going to use the jellies as my inspiration for one.

See if you can guess what the below photos are of.

River otters (three) and an angry octopus.

Some meticulously detailed dresses from French designer Heimstone.

Love the asymettry, pockets, and large scallops on the hem.

Lovely lace jewelry evocative of branches and coral from Cursive Design perfect for pairing with the above dresses! (Via Oh Joy!)

And as promised, part 2 of Infinity: origami shoes.

Found these deliciously patterned babies at Studio Lo via one of my favorite blogs, Neon Polish.

Catherine Meuter designed these very clever high heel origami shoes.

These aren't origami shoes, per se, but they are made from recycled kimonos by UK designer Hetty Rose, so I figured I'd work them in. :)

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