Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Noa Noa and Beyond

Recently I was asked what stores I loved and looked to for inspiration. Anthro is numero uno, as we all know, but here are some others. Danish clothing designer Noa Noa is top of the list. I was introduced to this store in Krakow, and unfortunately they have no stores in the US. Some images of their so-European-! Summer 08' collection:

I love Noa Noa's color palette. Images via Some Girls Wander from Noa Noa's Fall 07' collection. Lovely!

While I have never set foot in Jigsaw London, a British Label, I love the images (below) I found on their website. And good news! There's a Jigsaw in Berkeley! Ah, how good it is to live in the Bay Area (sometimes :)!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alchemy Fashion Show

So down in the Mission there is a neighborhood full of old industrial warehouses that are secretly artist's studios and performance spaces. Dylan and I went to just such a one last Saturday night called Cell Space, where we participated in a night of "Alchemy." This included many different interactive art exhibits, such as collective weaving, altering paintings and wiring bits of metal bark onto a wire tree for someone to solder into place later. There was a magic show, and then there was the reason we went: the Styles of Magic fashion show featuring some Art Institute students. (Still trying to decide betwenn FIDM and the Art institute). It was pretty cool!

Next up: pictures of my riding stable, Moony, the cute little pony I ride, and updates on my career change. I took some pictures of "vignettes" for my portfolio. Will post those soon as well! Kocham!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Banksy Leopard


I want one of these babies up on my wall. Real bad.

Homage to the Egg

I love the shape of eggs.

Below: egg inspiration.
This first photo is from Loom Lady: knitted eggs.

The second photo comes from a Japanese book called "How to Wrap Five Eggs." Apparently now it's out of print, but full of beautiful and creative packaging ideas. Via Rough Stock Studios.

Some intricately cut eggs via
People's Daily Online.

Robin's eggs. Photo by
Paul Noll.

An Emu egg telephone can be yours for $300 from Thai Pearl.

This Faberge egg, the Rothschild Egg, sold at auction for $21 mil. and has a diamond cockatoo pop out of the top every hour on the hour. Apparently this egg was kept secret for many years and is one of only three Faberge eggs that include clockwork. Read about it
here or here.

Another Faberge Egg.

And check out Mad Silence's Art of the Egg! for an egg chair and rug and Andy Warhol Eggs!

And what post would be complete without pisanki. Images from Muzeum Ziemi Lubuskiej.

And many thanks to my father for sending me these beautiful images of pisanki my mother bought in Poland. Dzieki Tatta!

Gorgeous glass eggs and birds, hand-blown by Oiva Toikka via the Museum of Glass store.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Just got introduced to this beautiful British catalog, TOAST via automatism .

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Mexico

Here are some photos of my trip home to Albuquerque:

I love New Mexico.

Some photos of Mink:

It was fantastic to be able to go home for a weekend and see my family!