Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Flower Petals and Dip-dyed Tights

The internet is a dangerous place. Particularily places like or This is because there are countless fashion shows to browse through and innumerable new designers to discover. As I did today. May I introduce you to Tsumori Chisato whose fluttery confections remind me of Mexican paper flowers, origami, Chinese paper cut-outs, fog and ermine-clothed kings? (Mind you, this is only one style she showed for fall. She also had Star-Trek/Skateboarder futuristic and Klimt/Calder/Seurat flowy/printy things - worth checking out; see above link)

Fluttery petals on the skirt and sleeves remind me of flamenco and Mexican paper flowers.

Gigantic three dimensional blossoms remind me of Chinese paper cuts.

Sumptuous ruffles remind me of ermine coronation robes and layers of fog.

Origami pleats and dune-like, sunset-toned layers.

Green wings, smokin' color combos. And those two-toned tights. How I love them.

I hope you are all doing well. I'm very busy with various sewing projects. I recently turned a too-tight dress into what D terms a "chemise," and tonight am planning on altering several of my skirts, using embellishment and the grace of my wits to make them (more) condusive to wearing. For those bored by all the fashion, stay tuned for more photography, creativity from D and I, and other things. I promise. Kocham!

(Photo credits:
chinese paper art
coronation robe
flamenco dancer)

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LallaLydia said...

Gotta love those tights! Chisato's designs are so inventive...