Friday, May 16, 2008

For my mum

My customized post for my mum mostly includes paper art, and a smattering of other things. I am excited by some of these finds and hope you will be, too!
To begin with, some adorable paper bunnies from Essimar Papel.

Next, some abstract pieces by Takashi Iwasaki. Mind you, these are all EMBROIDERED.

Some impressive large-scale paper sculpture by Mia Pearlman.

Now take Mia PLUS Takashi and you get...Liz Miller! These paper installations are similar to papel picado and wycinanki. Beautiful!

Cute paper owl sculpture from Matte Stephens.

I think it's safe to say Rob Ryan's work is amazing. Yes, people, that is ALL paper. Even the dress.

Egg art from Jeana Sohn and Enchanted Hen.

Crocheted sea creatures from Wunderkammer.

Papel picado-like prints from Madeleine Stamer.

And finally, some cute bunnies from Kristiana Parn.

Start with bunnies, end with bunnies. As you may know, I am not above adding things as I come across them, but for now enjoy, mama! Kocham! Have a great weekend, everyone!
* I forgot to mention that you should check out this blog called Paper Forest. It features paper crafts, news, and other cool paper-related things. GO PAPER!!

**Just found these beautiful dichroic glass confections at Megan Elizabeth's Etsy shop.

(Thanks again to Design Sponge for featuring most of these artists)


Elzbieta said...

Leu! What a job! I cannot imagine how many hours it took to do all this research. Thank you so much. It is a feast for the eye and I simply love it.Hey people! Can you imagine to have such a daughter?

MadSilence said...

A feast for the eye indeed. How do you find it all?

Delightful paper art. My mother was a Polish immigrant and did wonderful things with colored paper & scissors. Over the weekend I visited a local arts & craft fair and met a gentleman who cuts intricate designs from paper with a single blade.

The paper sculptures are impressive…and more eggs!

I’m reminded of American artist Charley Harper


Celestyna said...

LOVE Charley Harper! (He's going to be on the post for my dad, so sshhh... :)