Thursday, May 22, 2008

For Krzys and Heidi

Okay, so I'm kinda winging it here since my uncle's taste is notoriously avante garde and the last comment I made to my cousin about wedding dresses was a little unorthodox, but despite all that, I'm going to go ahead and give it the good ol' college try. And instead of trying to explain WHY I thought something might appeal to either K or H, I'm just so not going to go there. Justification be damned. Alrighty then. If you're still there, good on you!

As I was saying...
I love this Amsterdam house featured in the June issue of Dwell. It is comprised of the very top three stories.

I love the way they blend steel and teak in the kitchen and round off the edge. I even love that they showed either great restraint (or dullness) in choosing a WHITE smeg fridge. Since Smeg comes in a 1001 colors.

I love that their 2nd floor is basically a catwalk around a giant atrium.

I love the huge exposed beams.

I love the shape and size of the windows.

I love the chairs - how the different colors go together - and the random two-seater.

For more Dwell renovations, click here.

Chris Nicholls: Fashion Photographer. (Found thanks to This is Glamorous)

White Sands

Frida Wedding Gowns. Who thinks Frida Kahlo when doing a wedding gown shoot? A genius, that's who.

Shoot entitled "An English Rose." I know I said all that about justifying why I'm posting, but in the spirit of overstating the obvious, we have some "English Roses" among us...

Funny egg holder at Tokyo Mango.

Ever wonder what a Venetian Palazzo might look like?
Perhaps similar to Ca Maria Adele, a posh Venetian hotel.
(Again, via This is Glamorous.)

Helena Horstedt.

Designer's Mixtape
Designers and artists from all over the world have uploaded 7 song playlists for you to check out. THIS IS FUN. Listen and learn.

My Polaroid Blog

The Best Poland Photoblogs via Polandian.

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