Sunday, August 31, 2008

my engagement ring

is soooo insanely brilliant and awesome. Look: here it is. It has a white gold band, and the setting and bar are rose gold. The stone is a deep deep blue sapphire and it spins around and slides along the bar. On the other side of the setting, the letter C is stamped (for my name, obvio). Along the inside of the band it says, kocham cie, which means I love you in Polish.

It reminds me a little bit of an orrery or a globe, which is fun cause D and I met when I was studying astrophysics and working at an observatory, and we actually had our first date on the deck of the observatory, and my name is Celestyna and all of that. I LOVE that it spins.

An orrery:

You MUST check out the other work of the amazing craftswoman who made this ring, although she and D co-designed it. Her website: Loving Anvil and her Etsy shop.

How EXCITED are we? Very VERY excited. Pictures of Ghost Ranch when I return from my trip home. EEEEE!!!!!

(picture of orrery via reassembler)


ana dane said...

congrats- and what an eye-catching ring.

Elzbieta said...

Celestynko and Dylanku,

The RING is museum quality. I have never seen something so beautiful, functional. meaningful and memorable, and LOVING. Congratulation to both of you. Lange your line!

Elzbieta said...

Och, I forgot to check it.I hope KOCHAM CIE ma OGONEK.If not it must be added. Muy importante! We do not tolerate misspelling in a new OBAMA (?) America anymore.

Elzbieta said...

I think this design must be copy righted because already ,as I am writing, the ring is being copied. I feel it in my bones. A propos, my bones were very painful last weekend and I did my Santa Fe show with difficulty and some crying.

MadSilence said...

A delightful & unique ring with great personal meaning.

The inscription brings to mind the recording of Bobby Vinton's song, Moja Droga Ja CiÄ™ Kocham, my Polish grandmother received as a gift. Babcia played the song over, & over, & over again, until my cousin "accidentally" broke the recording.