Friday, August 22, 2008

What did I do yesterday?

Let's see:
1) Made this SWEATER!!!

A la Project Runway style. No pattern, no muslin, no nuthin, just draping and lots of f***-ups and a little bit of luck. I actually still have a LOT of work to do on it, trimming all the thread and redoing the entire placket and all the buttons. Sigh. It looks fab on, though. I am pleased. The buttons I got from a teeny button store I read about on Sweet Sassafras.

2) Continued my quest to find the perfect self-tanner. Got an airbrush version this time. Fingers crossed, but it smells weird, as per usual. Grrr.

3) Cleaned up the horrendous mess I make every week doing my fashion school HW and making my own little projects. One of these days I'll take a photo but not until I have tenure at a prestigious institution.

4) Received these awesome shoes in the mail from Endless.

5) Ate at a Thai/Soul Food restaurant. Talk about fusion. :)

Okay three blogs. I'm pumped. Once again thanks jamillions to Sweet Paul for the double dose of award love: Brilliante and Blog I Love.

Alabama Studio Style.
Speaking of Soul Food, this here is a exquisite taste of the romantic, slow, sweet South. Talk about amazing. This is a lady who sticks to her principles like nobody's business, and is basically my hero. In fact, my little sweater is indirectly inspired by her. She takes the most comfy basic fabric (jersey) and makes literal gorgeousness out of it. I tried to dress fleece up a bit myself with the sweater.

Reclaiming Miss Havisham. How witty and acidic is this girl?!? She reminds me of a post card I saw somewhere: Something about putting the funk in disfunctional. (Not that you are disfunctional Miss H.) This blog has got all sorts of funk and brilliance. I read it for laughs and inspiration all in one go. Who else can make you feel ashamed for not knowing how crabs work?

Scrapiteria. Awesome and I do mean awesome collages and collaboration. See below. I am not joking.

So the rules are please give the above awards (top right) to five other bloggers. Last three tomorrow. (I'm giving them to 9 cause Paul said I could. :)


Elzbieta said...

Dear Leu. Your sweater looks very fab. Congrat! How about naming your label LEU. They have Gap and LEE and other short names. I think LEU is great. Definitely NOT Ogonek.

lobstermobster said...

This is so flattering and way more than my gibberish blog deserves!! Thanks for the award! That sweater is super cute by the way.

-Leslie (reclaiming miss havisham)

scrapatorium said...

Thank you so very much for the award! That was super nice of you. Glad you enjoy the work. I will be sure to tell the others.

Angelica (Scrapatorium)