Monday, August 11, 2008

The Upcoming Election

Just some of the more interesting "media" I have come across:

Dover has released Obama and McCain paper dolls, with "accurate campaign trail outfits".

Via Post Secret

And finally, I randomly picked up a circa 2005 Utne mag which had these predictions about Hillary, long before these primal primaries ensued:

"Mark my words. She will never make it out of the primaries if she runs. Hillary Clinton's instincts suck. They are horrible." S. Gilliard, The News Blog

"Bottom line: Hillary Clinton has no ability to inspire. When she speaks she doesn't even appear to be interested in her own words." Daily Kos weblog

Politics isn't nearly as cerebral as I used to think. These words - instinct, inspire - these are words that only make sense outside the mind.

Good Monday Morning to you.


Elzbieta said...

Dear Leu,
I wouldn't buy it. The better idea to design these kind of paper dolls is to be able to change faces. Little masks maybe and lots of clothes. It will be more fun than to be stuck with Obamas for life.

Patricia said...

I think I need Obama paper dolls. I wouldn't play with them though.. and then I'd need to find a place to store them. Sounds like a treacherous path I'd be on...