Monday, August 25, 2008


Well, well, well, browsing one of my fave blogs the other day Neon Polish I dipped into the blog roll because trolling for fresh blood is what I do.

And found...Hel-looks, fashion from Helsinki. It is way better than one of the standard street style blogs though, because each image has an accompanying explanation, and they are truly poetic and bizarre. People cite their inspirations as all things varying from Moommins to the Lottery. I thought I was the only person inspired by luck. :)

First some girls I think are absolutely gorgeous and then a taste of the strangeness:

Ok, those were the beauties. Now for the beasts:

Wille (21)
"I'm wearing a second hand leather jacket which cost 4 euros and my ex-girlfriend's jeans and scarf.
I like clothes that have a story to tell.
When I saw Daniel Palillo's designs half a year ago, I became interested in dressing up and clothes.
I'm inspired by lotteries, lying and elderly people."

Hmmm. Nmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmmm.? ?

While we're on the subject of street style blogs, there are bike style blogs out there (I swear, there is a blog for everyTHING.) Two I've been perusing: Chic Cyclist and a Cali one Riding Pretty. WHAT OTHER STYLE BLOGS ARE OUT THERE? I want a cowboy style blog. :)

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