Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How's school going, you ask?

Well, it's going. In fact, I have to go there soon, so I'll make this short and sweet. Yesterday in class, our teach (I hesitate to say prof - since it feels like middle school) asked us what two images juxtaposed define sexy. Answers varied from legs and handcuffs (??) to (four) strawberries and the stem of a wine glass (???) to the more classic lips and lingerie.
Let me tell you what sexy is to me: a well fitting pair of jeans (on either a guy or girl) and a wild horse standing on the horizon with nothing but desert around. In short: the west of Cormac McCarthy's novels. Do read them, they are magnificent. And sexy. It just occured to me that my images are also basically a Marlboro ad. Eep.

I love the colors and the tights/socks combos of Pepper and Pistol's Fall Collection:

If you feel so inclined: what two images define sexy for you?

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