Wednesday, September 3, 2008

bike me

hahahha! I kill myself. You guys. When I first got out here to Berkeley, (Who else out there lives in Berkles?! Hollah!) I was on the hunt for a bike. And while hunting (I'll spare you the details - you've heard enough about my materialistic escapades) I found Jolly Bike.

These ladies import awesome classic Dutch bikes from the Netherlands and they come in the Cutest colors - lime green! Purple! But I've saved the best part for last. Poor America, you don't know about coat guards, do you? Yes, they're great. They go over the back tire and keep your coat tails from getting caught. Just like a chain guard keeps your pants from getting caught. We don't know about those either here. Alas. The best part is, these bikes come with both. AND the ladies at Jolly Bike custom paint your coat guard! Take a looksee:

And as if your bike weren't cute enough, accessorize it with these panniers:

Bike me!

1 comment:

Elzbieta said...

I called you!
I want a bike like this-LIME! I wonder how much they cost . Back in Poland every woman's bike had always the net for protecting your DRESS! LOVE YOU