Friday, August 15, 2008


I can't believe I didn't know about this till just now. THIS GIRL (okay - woman - it was about 10 yrs back) graduated from FIDM, my school!!! And now she's on Project Runway! And her work is frickin' amazing! Leanne Marshall designs and creates every single peice of her label Leanimal. So I spelled peice wrong. Who cares! Take a look at this:

Be still, my heart. Isn't this the most crazy fantastic awesomeness you've ever seen?!? Like those prada shoes I blobbed about - only clothes!
I have to change topics or I may asphyxiate: The Wedding.
Update: D and I have commenced correspondence with our "liason" at Ghost Ranch. While I am home I will go meet with her. Eeeee. Also: I is needing a photographer, but if I were to go bridezilla on any aspect of the wedding, it would be here. Does anyone have any recommendations on NM photographers? I should say, I don't want the standard wedding photos, oh no. That would be too easy for everyone involved. I want interesting gorgeous photos, with a whole variety of lighting and techniques, and I am a huge fan of the soft focus and backlit and "artistic". I know - very soon I will do a leetle wedding post about Ghost Ranch for those of you who have had the misfortune of never going to the most beautiful place on Earth and also a sample of the types of photographs I like from other weddings. I see you people deleting me from your blogrolls. Come, come, now, it will only be one post. Let's not be too hasty - you know you want to see Ghost Ranch. ;)

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Patricia said...

I met one of these people this weekend. I hear they're expensive... but is this what you're looking for?