Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Web 2.0

I've learned a hell of a lot since I graduated and I may regret this bold statement later on, but I have to say, I've learned way more in these last two years than I did in university. Maybe I'm a late bloomer - well, not maybe :) - and maybe it's cause I'm workin' a gig that don't require no education but I have to say to all the kids out there, I do:
College is optional. It's not a free pass to a white collar life and it's not a pre-requisite for a white collar life.
So if you love debate team, and playing the cello, and varsity soccer, and AP English, and those sorts of things, then by all means, the world is your ivy l oyster. But if not, don't fret, because oysters ain't all there is to life, and pearls before swine and all that.
I know we get nervous when this blog strays from frivolities, so let's get back to our regularly scheduled programming: Hall Ohara

You may be wondering what this all has to do with Web 2.0. Well, we didn't get to that today, so let's save it for another time. Good night and god speed.

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Uncle Beefy said...

I second that motion! I did do college myself. I struggled in the safety net of the academic world for WAY too long thinking it was the end-all-be-all. What I have learned from that experience is just like you've isn't as necessary as many of us are led to believe. There are a million paths to similar directions and believing there is only one is cultural fiction.

Follow your bliss! :)

Great post (the clothes too!) :)