Monday, July 7, 2008

At Last: Freedom From Renter's Cramp

Renting is a huge pain when it comes to actually making a space liveable. For some reasons, the landlords want the walls to be shiny spaceship white, the fixtures to be the K-mart Bluelight Special model (read: cheaper than a day old hot dog)and the walls to be utterly devoid of any artwork/personality, I guess the better to be blinded by the white.
MWAH, HA, HA! It won't be cheap, but there is a solution!!! It's called: Wonderful Graffiti. Ooo, even the name sends a shiver up my spine. (Via Style Saves the World) Now check this out:

See: you can put any words you want on the wall, although custom is going to cost ya, and then I'm told they come right off when you're moving out or whatever.

Dries Van Noten

I love colors. I know that my recent featured designers have been devoid of color, so today Dries more than rectifies that. Go Dries! Seriously.

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