Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I spent the ENTIRE day on the computah today.
It always takes me a little bit of time to rebalance when D leaves - it's definitely better having him around. CA stops feeling like home when he goes.
Anyhoo, I pre-posted the next century of posts, so we're well stocked up there.
Plus, I started teaching myself Illustraitor using the free demos over at Lynda, a site that contains tutorials on all kinds of graphic/web design programs that you will have the free run of, if you care to pay $25 dollars a month. EWK, this may be something for you.


Now - I need you to understand something. Some things I post in the interest of aesthetics, some things I post for the greater good of us all.
This designer is "unusual" but he's all the rage in...you guessed it: Japan. You can find his "accoutrements" on Anastasia. Please keep an open mind, people. Fashion is more than clothing. It is ART and we need to understand that if we're going to be able to understand the genius below:

Will you look at that? I'm speechless. That, my friends, is a gigantic cardigan/sweatercoat and...snowboarding pants. I know what I'm wearing to work tomorrow. :)

Ooh! White riding breeches, sneakers, and...a neoprene jacket! For when you don't know if you'll be riding, running, or surfing - or doing all three!

Now these ladies are my favorite. Don't they remind you of strange ambassador ladies from a matriarchical civilization on Alpha Centauri? (okay, actually that is a star so really they're from a planet nearby. Anyway) Love the shoesies!

As long as we're doing weird (you still with me?) I thought I'd sneak in Sebastian Buescher, an experimental jewelry artist. Again, just respect:

Those are cocoons.

The necklaces are being devoured.

Interesting. Much of my jewelry looks similar. Old is the new new!

Octopus ring.

Hmm, yes. See, proud parents? Once I graduate, I will know how to do this too. My second graduation. I've already become an Astrophysicist. Next step (as we all knew was coming) is Desperate Artist.

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