Monday, July 28, 2008

Sales Suck

...when you are the person on the other side of the till. It's all fun and games till someone asks you for a further discount on pants that have been marked down from $300 to $30 just because they don't fit. Shoot me now, please. Whooop. Did I just say that out loud? Excuse me, I think I'll mosey on over here and refold the entire southeast corner of the store just so your a) toddler b) dog-too-large-to-be-in-store c) drunk boyfriend can promptly restore it to utter chaos while you spend two hours hogging a dressing room, then try to steal a t-shirt.
I do still love my job however, as I got to spend all day today snuggled in a yummy Nanette Lepore coat - why was I HAPPILY wearing a coat in July you may ask? Why, because I work in San Francisco. It was FLIPPINB cold today.
Okay on to design-y fun.

SUCH an awesome floor + idea. Via design sponge.

Look to the right there and notice the wire elliptical bookshelf. I like it.

Check out these shoes! Via peonies and polaroids.

And your designer of the day: alexis mabille:

Love the colors in this outfit.

So Audrey. I love the way the loops stick out over her arms. Notice the bow earrings as well.

This dress is SO fun. Notice the bows on the pockets.

I love the way the mushroom pleats make the chiffon opaque.

These bowed-out shoes are insane! I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Probably cry. :)

Would this not be an awesome wedding (ha - I almost wrote "weeding") dress, or am I crazy? It would NOT be an awesome weeding dress. Mwah, y'all.

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Uncle Beefy said...

Oh...I hear you on the sales front! The general public can become such a thoughtless travesty when unleashed upon the world. In my retail and restaurant career I've seen people poo in the corner of the store (for reals!), been threatened to have my throat slashed, and told that my job was a perfectly good job for someone who never went to college. I feel ya'!

The fashion was lovely...especially that blue dress! The ribbon-y shoes? You know I think so much depends on who's wearing it. I'm sure there is someone out there who could rightfully pull them off. That person is probably French...sigh.

The wedding dress? Um, I But perhaps for the mother of the bride? (KIDDING!) ;)