Friday, July 4, 2008

Hearting + Independence

A day to celebrate some things I am "hearting", not least of which is how easy it is to make a "being word" into a "doing word" in the American language, and including independence since I am as alone as a monkey in a spaceship this ID (Independence day). So today I'm being independent, as I've really got no choice, but if anyone asks, it's in the spirit of celebration. :)
Happy ID!

Clothes I want to knock-off

Both of these lovely items can be found at Beklina.

Dress by Linda Loudermilk and skirt by Prairie Underground.

Top by stewart + brown. Simple, yet lovely.

Drinks I'm diggin'

Adina Coffee: tastes EXACTLY like those little frappuccinos I love, only minus all the bad stuff like trans-incubical neprosticide and PLUS organic shade-grown fair-trade ingredients.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer is brewed in Australia, and is hands-down, bar-none the best ginger beer this side of the Big Bang.

Sweet site designs

Daydream Nation: a bro-sis design team and a lovely website. Visit it for the full effect.

Chronicles of Never: a happening by Gareth Moody. Same thing - must visit.

Phun Photo-stylin'

Loyale: organic luxury. Photos taken at Pt. Reyes and in New Mexico!!!!

Rosa Cha: Brazilian swimsuit designer.

(Flickr photos from here and here.)

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