Friday, July 25, 2008

Fashiony Fun

Sorry I've been MIA. We're having a huge annual sale at work, so things have been crazy there, plus I've started school and the homework load is not insignificant, although it does consist of drawing barbies and sewing seams so I think I'm not the only one who would agree that life could be worse. Plus, I think mine is the ONLY degree where we are strongly encouraged to subscribe to at least three fashion magazines. No problemo. :)

Besides, I love my job.

I love it when a piece of clothing that looks totally innocuous, even ugly, on the hanger, becomes gorgeous when the right person puts it on.

I love figuring out how a certain item of clothing fits, is it high in the waist, cut narrow, cut for an ample bodice, and then spotting the person who has the exact right body, who is willing to try it, who falls in love (of course)and purchases it (cha-ching).

I love meeting our daily sales goal, with that one magical person who comes in needing a whole new wardrobe. Mwah, dahling, enjoy! You look fab.

I love that we drink. We offer beers, and wine, and during the sale, the margaritas flow freely.

I love that we carry designers I love, and can thusly, should I be so moved, order any piece in their collection, in any size and color, at will AND receive a discount to boot.

And I love the people I work with. But enough already.

Some YSL:

I'm off to go draw barbie in profile, dears. What a life.

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