Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If I Had a Million Euros

The dollar has disappointed us all, but if I had some euro-coin, I'll tell you what I'd do. Buy me some fabulous ruffled Prada shoes (photos via San Francisco Magazine and style),

(I lovelovelove the Fall Prada collection! Eeeee!)
buy me some luscious tiled tubs from Sicis (is it weird that I love these tiled bathtubs so much?),

and buy me a supermodel best friend who strikes me as cocaine anthropomorphized: Omahyra Mota. Here she is as I first saw her. When I saw the gladiator sandals and the baseball cap I knew it was meant to be, no matter how dangerous and insane she is.

Further research yielded these results:

This post is all about luxury, and not surprisingly my euro-dough has been spent mostly in Italy. (Except - I picked up my BFF in Paris via the Sartorialist.) In conclusion, I swear, if the price of those yummy shoes dips a cent below $500, I will all over them like tattoos on a sailor.

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