Wednesday, July 9, 2008


What do you guys think of the name "Ogonek" for my new design business?

Stewart + Brown

Stewart + Brown quite frankly appeals to me. It's like an organic Urban Outfitters.

I want this dress in navy:

Wantee! Wantee! Wantee!


In keeping with the organic theme, I love this hair product company for its design:

Unsung Designers

New and Emerging Talent sold here: Unsung Designers.

Dress by Gina Michele

Necklace by Loving Anvil WHO INCIDENTLY is the same person designing my ENGAGEMENT RING!!!! Wow. SMALL world. I'm shaking.

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Uncle Beefy said...

Wow! I've got a lot to comment on here, huh? Okay then...

Ogonek...really like it for a name. I sounds clean and strong, easy to say, to remember it might be a little harder for some, but it has a European note to it that I think Americans would respond to.

Stewart + Brown....LOVE them and that dress is an excellent choice! Especially in of my favorite colors!

And I can't wait to look more at the Unsung website! Sounds fantastic!

Good finds!

Good luck with the naming decisions! :)