Monday, June 2, 2008

Got the Mundays

D and I both have the 7-year death illness, so this weekend basically involved us lying around moaning and coughing. But: there are some nice things to share.
Let's get the crochet over with first. So while perusing this cute blog: peonies and polaroids, I noticed a post on this uber-glam undies site called strumpet and pink, whereupon I visited the site, only to find...crocheted undies! WOW.

I loved the flower so I attempted to copy it. I made a few flowers and attached them to a plain grey sweater for a whole. new. look. voila.

We finally got a new staple gun, and upholstered our "stool." This was actually a chair that someone had left at Urban Ore, minus the back. It has weird spidery molded ply midcentury modern type legs, and I found the wool fabric at one of my favorite fabric stores, Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley. Here it is:

We also did some cookin! D baked this amazing strawberry rhubarb orange pie and the crust turned out perfect. It was so yummy. Then I made these delish (if I do say so myself) scallops. We picked these japanese scallops up at TJ's (but bay or sea scallops would also work), coated them in flour, sauteed a bunch of minced garlic and pinenuts in hazelnut oil (Olive would work as well) and butter till they turned brown, added the scallops, cooked on medium heat till they were done (sooner than you think), then added salt, pepper, a good tablespoon of meyer lemon juice (regular would work as well) and about 30 or so chopped mint leaves and served immediately.

And I got a gorgeous new dress, made out of the most delicate cream silk. Mniam!

Livin' the dream here, livin' the dream. :)

Oh, BTW, D and I just got introduced to some "zany" NZ humor: Flight of the Conchords:

This is a show about these two incredibly naive, but sweet, New Zealanders trying to make it in the music biz. Love the accents!

My weekend music playlist: Enjoy!

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