Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Know what? Probably no one reads this blog besides me. And know what else? While it is SO fun to get comments, I don't care. Is it terribly selfish of me to say that this blog is MY place, a place for me to store my inspirations and findings? It is, and if you like my tastes, then by all means, make yourself at home here, but know that I will never post something that doesn't interest ME or appeal to my aesthetic sensibilities. That's all. Little defensive disclaimer.

So today's post is all about COOL STUFF I LOVE!!! Oh, wait, so is every post I've posted. Glad that we've made the blog's theme explicit. I was worried the posts might seem random to some. :) Well, now you know the common thread: ME.

Okay, now that we've scared everyone off, lets start with some REALLY COOL JEWELRY!

Below: Stephanie Simek via notcot.

Above is a real quail egg that has been lined with gold paint and hardened with some plastic-type thing. What a fantastic idea! I love eggs, guys!

This here is a fancy idea: LED's inserted into "sea cookies" so they give off a gentle glow and all the delicate structural intricacies are illuminated.

ooo. and this one: this shell has teeny holes drilled into it and is sealed with a cork, so you can fill it with shimmery powder that dusts your bodice when tappage occurs. You can purchase these lovelies at Stephanie Simek's Etsy shop.

Crochet my friends, is muy versatile. And as if you needed more evidence than crocheted underwear, I have found Arielle de Pinto's gorgeous creations via Shiny Squirrel. Observe:

I am loving neutrals these days: blacks, greys, golds, taupes - the colors of our new stool and of this delish jewelry. I believe it is crocheted out of fine wire.

Speaking of neutrals, the trends I have been drawn to in clothing these days include the above color pallette paired with architectural details: interesting seams, pleats, ruffles and piecing. Today's two designers have garments that really embody that feel.

First: Ayzit Bostan via Shiny Squirrel.

Love the details. The single strap that's a different color, the unique tuck on the bodice of the black dress...

Vicente Villarin:

Ooo. Love that high waisted black skirt. So classy.

Some inspirational images I grabbed at toast and tables, one of the few wedding blogs I've started visiting. As if I don't have enough stuff on my plate, I feel the need to start, albeit very slowly and nonchalantly, at least thinking about, if not planning, the wedding.

A potential table setting: flowers in tea tins!

And succulents. I like the faded colors here.

Um, wow. The Chanel bike for the bride that wants....??? I'm not sure. I'm confused. But apparently you can get jeweled pant clips so your pants don't get caught. The jewels also double as reflectors in case you want to ride at nite. :) (J/K)

Design Sponge really amazes me. The consistency, the quality, the quantity, and just how cute and positive the author is. Definitely a daily read. Here are some photos from there of beautiful spaces:

I desperately want a gigantic amorphous jug holding a huge branch in my house.

And via the bedlam of beefy, a nicely UNDERSTATED nautical style home:

Don't we all love how fresh and airy it is? Nautical is usually so heavy what with all the thick rope and bold stripes. Glad we used our INDOOR voices here.
Okay, everyone! Peace to da blogosphere. Over and out.


Patricia said...

Nerd! I read your blog. So there. =)

Uncle Beefy said...

1) Thanks for the mention :)
2) "Glad we used our INDOOR voices here." - crackin' me up!!!! You funny!