Saturday, June 28, 2008

Check it O-U-T

My brother is a super-talented graphic designer/typographer/genius who just got his CUTE little website up and running:


Let's take a look at some of his work and see what I mean by "genius":

D and I have this lithograph hanging in our bedroom!

These are woodcut illustrations F did for a book he wrote (yes, as in made up the story) AND designed the typeface for (as in the LETTERS AND how they fit together) AND typeset AND hand-bound. Whoa, there. Talk about the whole enchilada AND a bag of chips!

F doesn't know it yet, but he may be in charge of designing D's and mine wedding invites and/or thank you notes. We plan to compensate him with leftovers. ;)

Yet another cool designer

White Trumpet. I tell you, they have got it goin on in the UK!
This collection is inspired by the very simple: triangle. That's all.

We support you, Flo! We love clothes! We are signing off! Love to all!

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