Tuesday, June 10, 2008

horse + iqon + echino = post


This is for all you stitchers: echino fabric. These are the freshest, hippest, most gorgeous patterns around. If you don't have Echino on your sofa,...are you sure you even want the sofa? Ask yourself that. Images from duckcloth.

Flickr finds.

I'm a sucker for anything
a) hand sewn
b) Dia de los Muertos inspired. Thus behold: sugar skull softies!

And check out these stunners from friezealand's photostream:

Games I like to play

Sometimes I'll go to Etsy and search a random term just to see what comes up. Yesterday it was "gold bird."

Prints by print space and paper sparrow.

These are by luxe deluxe. I like the string of beads under the sparrow. And the fact that the teeny gold box opens to reveal an even teenier bluebird.

By mme fortuna. I like jewelry with secrets. And how cool is that vintage ceramic liquor tag bracelet? What a statement, eh? Something to think about for the wedding...joking!

Lovely handmade leather pieces by bonspiel.

Too cute - and sustainable too! These guys are made from recycled newspapers. By polka dot sundays.

IQONS is a fashion community highlighting creative talent. It is pop culture through the eyes of fashion - as it bills itself. It's got a fun on-line mag, and great profiles of loads of fashion designers, photographers, and the like. By clicking on other people in a certain person's network, you can play an endless version of choose your own adventure. Some "interesting" designers I found playing this game:

Iris Van Herpen

Take a real close look at her shoes. Those are some serious platforms/ice skates.

Juan Pedro Lopez

Hmm. The designer's statement about this collection was very politically neutral. he said the collection had been heavily influenced by the East and Africa, but I got the feeling it was purely aesthetic influence. That said, I don't know how I feel about these pieces...to joke or not to joke? That is the question. Okay, fine, one teeny joke: do these not look like prom dresses put on upside down? As in, I 'm pretty sure that gigantic swath of fabric is meant to drape gracefully around your legs, not your face. New post soon, but much turmoil at work, updates forthcoming.
More tomorrow! (As usual)

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Elzbieta said...

maybe this is acne friendly costume.
The first purse- not for me. I am so demanding and picky that's why I am in a perpetual search for the perfect purse. I LOVE your blobs.