Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where Have I Been All My Life??

Well, recently I've been AWOL preparing for the apocalypse. That's right, the end times are upon us. Here in Berkeley the sun has been a neon bloody unholy red for the past week as the smoke from 1,000 wildfires chokes it.
Student loan options are disappearing as quickly as I find out about them due to "inadequate profit" concerns.
Children will no longer be able to feast upon pineapple at school vis a vis food price increases.
I saw a dead mouse on the sidewalk a few days ago.
Signs, people, signs right before our very eyes.
Which brings me to a word whose sound I like: grim. Yes, grim.
But enough sunshine and rainbows, right?
This blog does not wish to concern itself with matters outside the realms of fashion, design, and general wellbeing so we'll continue straightaway to today's program:


Free People is having a Design A Bag Contest. Basically, you are supposed to create, using no more than 3 preferably cool colors a design that they'll print on the reusable shopping bags they use at their store.
The deadline is tomorrow. Today I spent all day getting fancy and footloose free with our ghetto version of fauxtoshop. Here is the concept:

I took basic music notes and by repeating and combining then created some floral and bird motifs:

Which I then spruced up a la Free People. Here are my two best designs, one of which I'll submit tomorrow. I think I know which one I want to send, but what do you think?

Also, since my cousin is getting married soon, I am making her a crochet pillow case. Here is a preview of my crochet motif and colors:

This dress is marked down to 99 from 400-something on Anthro:

I had to get it. ;) Hope it fits! And hope you are all well. Don't be too depressed about the pineapple. I hear it will be replaced with pine nuts and apples.


Patricia said...

I really like the first bag design...but both are pretty nifty. Have you thought about putting your own designs on bags and stuff and selling it on etsy?

Elzbieta said...

Dear, I think the second is more readable. I have a feeling that they are too busy. I love the shapes you created using notes especially the first, which looks like a plant. Birds are beautiful. I can see this plant and one or two birds above and a little suggestion of the earth. This will create a clear eye catching bag logo with "stay green" theme.