Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Fun Contest

Even if I don't win that Free People contest, it sure was fun to create a design. I've decided is what the world needs is more deadlines, pressure, competitiveness. That's what got me to sit down and DO it. The thrill of the hunt + the thrill of being chased (by the clock, that is). Adrenaline is a tricky thing to harness, but if you do, the world is your oyster, ulcers be darned.
So I hunted down another contest, plus something almost as fun.
And last, but not least, yet another designer I need you to know about.

Bonbon kakku fabrics

Bonbon Kakku is a site that sells fabric designed exclusively by the winners of the contests it holds. The current contest ends July 31, so you have plenty of time to design a fabric. Below are some designs the site currently has for sale:


Now say, just hypothetically, that designing fabric isn't really your thing. But T-shirts totally are. In that case, come with me. Bountee will print your design on tees and sell them for you! Let's see some ejemplos:

Not bad, not bad at all. And the prices are totally reasonable, often less than $20. Now this isn't a contest per se, but people vote on your designs and the goal is to get enough love to get your design on the "most wanted" list cause that's what most people shop. So there's still a chance to bare those teeth.


There must always be fashion, so I present to you: Hengst.

Love that flapper hair. And that's a quilted neoprene corset.
And for the best tea you ever had, I recommend:

Republic of Tea Moroccan Mint.
Stay cool; stay in school. ;)

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