Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wedding Dresses

Well, I officially gave my notice today at work, kids. But more on that later because you don't care about my boring life, you come here for gorgeousness and I understand that.
I'm weird. There are certain things I am INCREDIBLY picky about, to the point of RARELY being able to find even a single specimen that I can not only tolerate, but actually even like. Two categories that come to mind are handbags and wedding dresses.
So imagine my surprise when I found wedding dresses that I not only tolerated but loved on our very own interweb. Life still manages to surprise my jaded self.

Above: Anne Barge
Now these next ones are REALLY SWEET. All by my new hero: Raimon Bundo

Love the corset seams and the fact that this one is called "Soledad."

Love the creaminess (no white dress for me!) and richness of these gowns. Especially the brocade one and the one with the raw lace along the bodice. Love the lace cap sleeves on the top one. OOo. And see below. You see those elbow lacy glovey things. I want them. They are way better than gloves. I NEED them. Let's get one thing clear: when it comes to my wedding attire I am pulling out all the stops. Going for the gusto. I want a poufy ornate dress, hair ornaments, elbow covers, the whole enchilada. And then some.

You know what I LOVE about Mr. Bundo? The way he isn't afraid to push the boundaries of what a wedding gown "should" be. He marches to the beat of his own drum. For instance, look at his salsa-influenced little numbers below:

What? Not impressed? Okay, then, look at his DA VINCI inspired dresses.

Pow. Take that, suckers.

Funky swimsuit from lascivious first spotted in zink.

You know how I was saying I want hair ornaments for my wedding? Some inspiration below from Victor Osborne (top photos) and Bonbon Oiseau (bottom). Definitely something with feathers. ;)

Saw Selvedge magazine the other day in a bookstore. It's a gorgeous textile mag put out 6 times a year. But the price tag? 25 bones! Anyways, here's some exerpts.

And finally, interesting fashion photography below from Mi-zo. Love the darkness with the pops of color. And that lacy headgear thing? SO perfect for my wedding!!! ;) ;) (double wink!)

Is that a badminton racket in the girls hand there in that one where the night scene turns to black and white? SO random. Love it.

Okay, Everybody! Clap your hands and say, "Yeah!"


cb said...

No to popatrz Lesiu, dowiedzielismy sie, ze rezygnujesz z pracy. Jednak czytam Twoj blog! Tylko za duzo tego, zeby wchlonac. Sprawdz moja web page, zamiescilem tam Twoje zdjecie. Zamiescilem tez zdjecia z Kosta Ryki, tylko, ze je juz chyba widzialas. tatta

Uncle Beefy said...

Clap, clap..."YEAH!" Wow! That was some serious posting! Love the millinery work you featured. And if you are looking for something feathered check out - some lovely feather-decked pieces!

Elzbieta said...

auntie porky (just kidding) said : Leu my head is spinning. I am getting free education in fashion design. Finally you found wedding dresses which look romantic, sweet, angelic but at the same time have an artistic twist.Those strapless corsets are so boring. cannot wait to walk you to the altar (just kidding that's daddy job).Thank you for the feast for our eyes. LOVE

Celestyna said...

Uncle Beefy: thanks for tip! :) Love your blog!
Mother: Please try not to offend people on my blog. Not everyone is like our family. :)

Elzbieta said...

My apology. I did not want to offend anybody.Everybody who feels offended please accept my sincere apology. I am lucky my comment didn't get flagged. Daughter: in the process, your comment puts our family in a very bad light (imagine all posibilities coming to people's minds).