Friday, September 12, 2008


japan fashion week is perhaps my favorite. you see, i love how whimsical yet scientific japanese design is. it's very crazy and skillful, at the same time. you know how you sometimes meet someone and think how can someone so smart be so stupid? it's a little like that. an oxymoron if you will.

Because there were so many designers that were new/interesting to me, I will split this up into two posts:

a) the ugly (the good ugly, that is. I would never show you pure ugly. It is not my way)
bi) the (potentially) wearable
bii) my faves and craves

So let's see some UGLY!!!

mintdesigns. You'll notice a dinosaur/skeleton/umbrella theme as we go. Please note the headgear below accordingly. click on the photo for a larger image.

mercibeaucoup, is a personal fave. it's so sweet.

somarta. see: umbrellas and skeletons!

zechia: are those sleeping bags on their heads? Also pls. note dip-dyed lace short.

everlasting sprout: CROCHET!!!

hiroko koshino:

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