Sunday, September 21, 2008

the most beautiful blog ever

no, not mine. this one: resurrection fern. (You must also check out her flikr- I haven't even posted the most beautiful photos due to the fact that you would be blinded.) The person who writes this blog is a family physician in a small rural community somewhere in the fjords of Canadia. She goes for walks in the wood and sees things like this:

And she makes things like this:

Yes, she knits sweaters for snails and frocks for rocks. And she prints on cloth using real plants. And her laundry looks like this:

And her dinners look like this:

And she is sweet and gentle and happy.


MadSilence said...

Delightful, unusual & creative.
As is Granica Monotrmata.
Sometimes I wonder how I can compete.
The Internet provides a home for infinite expression...there's room for us all.

Bùi Ngọc Anh said...

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Dao Tan said...

So nice !
Thanks for sharing.