Saturday, September 6, 2008


A label to watch - out of thailand: Senada Theory.

Very chic dress - Audrey style.

Loving the skirt - look at the hip/pocket details.

Love the sleeves and belt.

The draping of the skirt.
I like these pieces - they're a little Japanese (de)construction and draping meets Anthro.

And my new jewelry crave: rose gold. Like these Giles and Brother earrings I can't find anywhere. If anyone can tell me where to get them, I'll give you a hundred bucks.

Oh, PS, I felt my first earthquake today. Quite irrationally, I first thought it was the landlord's dog digging up the foundation of the house. And then I thought it was the irritating kids next door finally waging open war on D and I cause we're too cool. Finally, I put two and two together and got earthquake.
VIVA rose gold! For those of you waiting for communiques, I WILL call in the very near future. Flo, did you get my tea? Ah, you can't hear me cause you don't read your sister's interweb contribution. Shame.

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