Wednesday, September 10, 2008

its monsoon season

at least in new mexico it is. or it should be. and it is in the fashion blogosphere. the fashion weeks have arrived. from now until what seems like eternity you will hear about the spring collections, they will be abundant as the rains. but not quite yet. i need to get myself organized and i jet off to nm in a week, so i'll do what i can but expect comprehensive yet delayed reporting.

today, we return to rose gold, plus hit a few other pieces as well. we are also exposed to my must-have list for the fall.

Above: egg-shaped (and we all know I love the shape of eggs) bangles and ring, plus a rose gold chain bracelet. Oversized chain is huge for fall, friends and neighbors. All from Bing Bang.

Strong, architectural rings are one of my fall craves- preferably in rose gold. Rings with white background are from Diana Kane. the rest are from redcatrun.

Insanely gorgeous and huge and blingy geode rings from Elaine Cox.

My fall "needs":

The perfect black boot. gravity pope

Warm leggings that go over the heel. Revolve has em

Huge and I do mean HUGE sweater coat.Shopbop

Rose gold anything. Plenty above.

A vest. This one is dvf, but charlotterusse has plenty cheap cuties.

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