Thursday, September 11, 2008

copenhagen - 100th post!

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Read this: it's always fashion week somewhere!

Cutest Set Styling: Stine Goya (just skip the intro if its not your thing)

Best Nuanced Little Touches: ann-sofie back

Most Black/Drapey: bARBARA i gONGINI

Most Glamourous/Varied: By Malene Birger

Day Birger and Mikkelsen wasn't too impressive, but there are a couple of pieces from Fall that I want:

That dress is gorgeous and the top reminds me of a Helmut Lang dress I love.

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Uncle Beefy said...

Well, one...I LOVE Copenhagen! Such a great city! And what fashion eye candy you've given us here! I especially LOVE Malene Birger! Beautiful! Such treats! :)