Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lower postage rate!

Just trying to get you excited about my lack of posts....Honestly, the recession is to blame. Ugh.

This will cheer you up: fun fact: cashmere comes from the chest hair of mongolian goats.

And also: Swedish born fashion illustrator minimalist guru Mats Gustafson:

(Above: Comme des garcons, '97 and '05)

(Above: Yamamoto)

The power of silhouette, color, mood, and most of all: simplicity.

He also did cut-outs:

There's something so great about the fact that in such a layered and flamboyant industry the narratives of collections and designers, etc. can be distilled down to such poetry.

This last one is the sky:

(Images from fig, the fashion spot, anti-corporation, and tatielle)

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Uncle Beefy said...

These are SOOOOO lovely! I'm loving that black dress! Very chic!