Wednesday, October 8, 2008


You know how when everyone else thinks it's really cool you don't want to think it's cool, you don't want to be a sheep, a follower.
I think it has to do with sisters. That's it. It must be sisters.
How else can you explain the inexplicable coolness of Mary-Kate and Ashley and the Mulleavy sisters?
I want you to be the first to know: when I have my own store we will carry Rodarte and Elizabeth and James. Because they are so painfully hip I have to acknowledge it even as everyone else is fawning over them. I humbly join the masses. I bow to their coolness.
Because HOE. LEE. KRA. KER. Look at the Rodarte SS09 geniusness:

Come on. Give it up.

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Karen Keese said...

Wow, your blog is just like you: fresh, creative, hip, and smiling. I love it! You fashionista you. Maybe someday you'll design a line with a celestial theme. Hey, ya gotta use ALL the tools in your gangbox.

My name is Karen, and I trample small household mammals who are between me and the remote when Project Runway comes on...