Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hello Sweetayzz!

Last night I watched a snippet of Oprah's interview with the Olsen twins when she did a show on tween moguls. How depressing. The twins have been running a multi-billion dollar empire since the age of 15 or something like that. The twins failed to show much personality or intelligence, but I forgive them because: a) it's Oprah b) they were visibly nervous and c) they can't be a day over 22. I wasn't exactly a font of poise at 22 -unlike those incredibly beautiful and intelligent girls Scarlet Johansen and Natalie Portman...who were.

If you are in love with the Olsen twins (even if it is very reluctantly and both feet planted firmly in the closet (like me)) you should check out this blog dedicated solely to them: Inside the Olsens Closet.

Anyhoo. Since starting my second semester of fashion illustration at school I've been researching famous fashion illustrators. I've already shown you my favorite thus far, Mats Gustafson, but I am loving Erte as well. Art deco, highly stylized, highly awesome, Russian born, French schooled. Nuff said.

He did an entire alphabet and letter series:
Some others:

selection of a heart

seagulls - harpar's bazaar cover


ebony and white

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