Friday, October 10, 2008

Aviation Inspiration

One of my favorite parts of the new collections is seeing what the inspiration was. VPL was inspired by aviation. I used to be such an Anthro girl: bows and cuteness and polka dots, but more and more these days I find myself drawn to stark understated architectural pieces. Must be the recession. ;)
Anyhoo, VPL is right up my alley:

I especially like the shoes : the tiny pops of color they add to the whole and how slouchy and comfy they look. Happy Friday, friends.


I'm all agog said...

I think I went through a similar transition, from more girly-froofy to more clean/architectural. I still love Anthro but I gravitate a little more to the cleaner lines. Ok a maybe a little froof thrown in! great blog

Elzbieta said...

Beautiful dresses.Thank you for showing them to us. I like especially front decorations and colors palette.