Monday, November 3, 2008

Viktor and Rolf

The last dress totally reminds me of some plates I saw in Neruda's house of black and white girls coming out of seashells. When I first saw this collection, I was like, NO. And then after browsing through several lackluster collections, I was like, thank you, yes! And remember my earlier rant about wanting solely mainstream easytowear fashion? And remember how I told you to go to British Vogue instead? Well look:
"Of the more wearable pieces – and it's not that we wouldn't want to wear the aforementioned, it's just the practicality of daily life may beg to differ...." says BV about V&R.
No mention of front row girls, thank god, just good ol' tongue in cheek. That is more like it.

OH! And PS: Alabama Chanin is coming to San Francisco!!!
Nov. 5 there is a lecture at CCA.
Friday there's an all day trunk show and Saturday there's a book signing!

Go here for the details.


susank said...

My thoughts exactly. Fashion should should be about ideas. The rest of us can wear the boring tshirts and jeans, but someone needs to dream up new ideas! I love those shoes and matching tights. Love! A black & white woodgrain version would be so perfect.

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