Monday, November 10, 2008

cycle style

Style, my friends, is not just a word. It is what makes you different from the rest of the sheep.

Style is communication - and now, style is also transportation. Behold the velo-liciousness! (did I mention my favorite color (for things other than clothes) is red):

The top bike there is my new obsession. Why? I'll tell you why. It's the eternal designophile's lament. Why do beauty and function seem to be mutually exclusive? I love the retro bikes but they're kind of impractical for the kind of commuting I do. I go over hills and thus need, yes, require, more than just three gears. There are staircases to tote the bike up and down, thus the bike should weigh less than a ton of bricks. I have to dress nice for work so a coat guard and chain guard are necessary, and should also be functional, not just perfunctory touches, just there for looks.
This gorgeous red bike with it's yummy blond tires is lightweight, you can choose 3,5, or 8 speed, and it has the guards. Plus it is so beautiful. The other bike pictured has balloon tires and kind of a hiphop inner city retro-ness to it. And the colors, all stormy-like. Oooh, and then there's the accessories. But that's a whole nother post. Just one tantalizing box bag for you here, available from London Cycle Chic.

Where are these hawt bikes from? Velorbis. Let's have one last look at the bike of the hour:

So yummy!

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Elzbieta said...

A red bicycle has been always my dream. So far I own several pairs of red shoes.Thank you for finding beautiful red bicycles.Who knows? One day?