Monday, November 17, 2008

Russian Vogue Dolls

To celebrate Russian Vogue's tenth anniversary top designers were each asked to design a matrioshka doll. Said dolls will be auctioned off for charity and there will be a huge party, etc., etc. What cute little dolls! And what a change it is to see the designs on a chubby little marshmallow rather than a stick thin model. My favorites are below, see the entire gallery here.

And pop on over to my other blog to see each doll with her model counterpart!

Roberto Cavalli and Prada
Pucci and Antonio Marras
Moschino and Maison Martin Margiela
Marni and Giles
Alena Akhmadullina and YSL

One last thing. In one of my classes I have to do a design project where my "target customer" is a more mature woman, age 30's - 70's, who likes fashion and I need to make her 4 outfits. Give me your suggestions, please! If you fit this demographic, what do you like to wear? Dresses, pants (what kind?)... What is your ideal outfit? Is there a dress in your head that you are looking for but can never find? Is there anything you wish designers would realize? (Like: it would be nice if not ALL dresses were sleeveless, etc.) How do I keep it fashionable but age appropriate?

If you aren't this demographic, who cares? Leave me your thoughts anyways. Thank you, my dear readers!


MadSilence said...

How delightful! A contemporary interpretation of a vintage icon.

While recently visiting friends in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, we saw traditional & modern Matrioshkas for sale. But what I liked most where the wooden dolls for sale in the liquor stores. Hidden insider were bottles of vodka!


Karen Keese said...

This "mature woman" likes really loooong jackets that hide the junk-in-the-trunk. Around mid-thigh length. I like pairing them with either jeans/pants or above-the-knee skirts.

I'm loving the fashion images you're selecting and posting. Much more entertaining than reading a fashion rag. Keep on bloggin' on!


Celestyna said...

Thanks Karen! This is also how I like to dress. I must be mature. :)
MS: You would think they would put vodka in these Russian dolls. After all, it's such a national symbol - and they would probably auction off twice as fast.