Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So D and I recently joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture [Farm]), despite my skeptisicm towards all things even remotely "hippie" which is pretty ironic considering I live in the hippie capital: Berkeley.

Anyhoo, it turns out CSA's are SO AMAZING!!!
They totally break you out of your veggie rut. For all you fashionistas and -istos reading this, it's like getting a personal shopper (eee!) for your veggies.

Our first week, out of all the veggies we got the only ones I would have purchased for myself were a butternut squash, some onions and salad greens.

We also got: broccoli, broccoli raab, tokyo turnips, bok choy, and a pomegranate.
That's five new things!

D made a yummy casserole out of the broccoli. The raab was fantastic sauteed with toasted pine nuts, parmesan and pasta, it turns out pomegranates are ace for snacking, the bok choy got stir fried, and tonight we're sauteing the turnips.

When you get your box for the week, it's like Christmas! Seriously, consider CSAing it. You'll find yourself (probably) eating a lot more veggies, and discovering lots of new recipes, and if you think you don't have time to be chopping and cooking and all that, take the easy route and fry it up or boil it down, season with lemon, salt, pepper. Never fails.

This is our CSA: Fully Belly Farm

Here's one in ABQ: Los Poblanos

Here's one in Tuscon: Tucson CSA

In other news:

I need your (honest) opinion on this necklace:

and I need you to see this belly dancer, who we saw last Sat. night at the Conscious Fashionistas Fashion Show. She good:

{Figs and pumpkins from the immensely talented Sweet Paul, fuzzy peach from Janoid , chilis from my also immensely talented MOM}


Patricia said...

I've looked into Los Poblanos, but since I'd be doing it by myself, it seemed to expensive and like way too many veggies.

As for that necklace... I think the right person could carry it well. I would feel terrible in it and the upper piece of leather would drive me crazy rubbing on my neck based on the way it looks on the mannequin. That being said, I really do think the right person in the right outfit could look great in it.

Jan said...

How about pieces of metal (copper maybe) instead of leather? The chains a little less subtle... An ascetic dress... Well, you decide.

Speaking of ascetic... what do you think:

Celestyna said...

P: do it with M, support CSA!
Jan: thanks for the link - interesting stuff - very medieval meets metallic.

Thanks, guys, for your comments on the necklace! (I wore it today, but the true test is always wearing it to fash. design school) I'm making another one, only less...intense. :)

Elzbieta said...

Los Poblanos is just around the corner from my house - first I will visit the store. Thank you.

The necklace:
It looks severe to me. Looking at it I think: piercing? Camden UK? Too short chain creates a choking effect.
As Patricia said it will be great for the right person with a particular style.I truly like the concept (basic design) but I will soften it.

Elzbieta said...

Thank you very much for posting one of my photographs, together with other yummy vegetables and fruits.I like very much pomegranate photo - did you take it?