Friday, November 14, 2008

Alina Akhmadullina

Re: the necklace
Well, the fashion school verdict is undecided as I had both yays and nays and the yays may have just been polite (to see the necklace scroll down to the CSA post) however, i had an unprecedented amount of homeless men flirt with me, although this may be due to the fact that I took a stroll into the tenderloin today and their taste is questionable - very into layers and the grunge look.

These days I'm into taking inspiration and really abstracting and for lack of a better word (although I'm certain there is one) intellectualizing it when you make it into clothing. Ex: If you're inspired by a flower, you might just literally embroider flowers all over your dress, or you might do some weird drapy thing that sort of looks like a wilted tulip if you squint and shake your head at precisely the right frequency. I'm into the wilty-shakey. But here is a designer who utilizes her inspiration quite literally and it totally works for me.

OK. Tricked you. That was Fall08. Here is Spring 09 - and the motif continues:

Don't you just love the crochet skeleton harness thing and the rather large earrings. I do. And I also love the way in this collection, instead of printing feathers, she creates them out of the fabric all 3-D like. Have you checked out my other blog? Not much to see really. There will be soon, though!

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Elzbieta said...

This one is really lovely.
Everything is balanced well, colors, deco, and you can slip into it with pleasure, not feeling foolish.