Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Noa Noa and Beyond

Recently I was asked what stores I loved and looked to for inspiration. Anthro is numero uno, as we all know, but here are some others. Danish clothing designer Noa Noa is top of the list. I was introduced to this store in Krakow, and unfortunately they have no stores in the US. Some images of their so-European-! Summer 08' collection:

I love Noa Noa's color palette. Images via Some Girls Wander from Noa Noa's Fall 07' collection. Lovely!

While I have never set foot in Jigsaw London, a British Label, I love the images (below) I found on their website. And good news! There's a Jigsaw in Berkeley! Ah, how good it is to live in the Bay Area (sometimes :)!


Meg said...

I saw your comment on alabama chanin, so excited you love the book! I am totally obsessed with it.

MadSilence said...

Krakow! What a delightful city. My daughter would love to live there. As for "too girly" I enjoy the fashions, although I have a love/hate relationship with the fashion industry. Interesting recent trend: nostalgia, invented tradition, and la mode retro.

bdawn said...

My business partner and I own a shop, Narcisse, in Portland, Oregon that is the only store in the US to carry Noa Noa. That should help anyone in the area looking for Noa Noa in the States!