Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Blobbing

Blob. It's like a cross between the words "blog" and "blab". Dylan is sailing all day today. I thought about going to the beach with some friends, on this inordinately warm of spring days, but decided against it in order to stay home and get started on some sewing projects, my rational being that there will be many more beach days to follow. But in retrospect, I'm not so sure. Last night in the city of San Francisco it was warm enough at 10 pm to wear short sleeves . There may never be another weekend like this one. I don't care. I want to sew, so I will sew. Besides, while here weather as aforementioned is an incredibly rare occurrence, in NM it is effortlessly quotidien.
I love making lists. Here is a list of the things that need to be sewn:

2 shirts.

1 brown and pink one that looks vaguely asian.

1 that is made out of ikat with "bobbin work" (For an article explaining this in detail click here Basically, it's putting a thicker, decorative thread in your bobbin, even a thin ribbon, and then sewing "upside-down.")embroidery on the collar that is roughly the same shape as these ones from Anthro:

Some chair cushions for our patio chairs made out of oilcloth. (Image from via

And a curtain for our bathroom to match the one you saw previously:

Except this curtain will be striped with a scalloped hem. Same colors, though.

And Dylan's pants need to be hemmed.

And I'm going to make some more pillows and stuffed animals with some leftover fabric that has already accumulated. And sell them.

Today, I'm going to try to cut out the muslim pattern (before I start tearing into the more expensive fabric)for at least one of the shirts, and hopefully finish the curtain. And if I have time, start on one of the oilcloth cushions. I think those are realistic goals. :) KOCHAM!

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Elzbieta said...

Leu, I love the collar in your blouse.Very pretty and the blouse is fitting you perfectly.I need a soft bag out of fabric and you gave me the idea to use different threats. Remind me , please, to show you the oil cloth I have at home, maybe you can use it for your projects.It is from Mexico, same style you posted for viewing.Love. Mamunia