Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alchemy Fashion Show

So down in the Mission there is a neighborhood full of old industrial warehouses that are secretly artist's studios and performance spaces. Dylan and I went to just such a one last Saturday night called Cell Space, where we participated in a night of "Alchemy." This included many different interactive art exhibits, such as collective weaving, altering paintings and wiring bits of metal bark onto a wire tree for someone to solder into place later. There was a magic show, and then there was the reason we went: the Styles of Magic fashion show featuring some Art Institute students. (Still trying to decide betwenn FIDM and the Art institute). It was pretty cool!

Next up: pictures of my riding stable, Moony, the cute little pony I ride, and updates on my career change. I took some pictures of "vignettes" for my portfolio. Will post those soon as well! Kocham!

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Elzbieta said...

Leu,how interesting to be dressed in a fish net.Doesn't cover much, so why bother? It looks, however, fantastic as an installation on a fish fit, fabulous model.