Monday, March 16, 2009


Sorry honeys - it's been awhile. School and work are really eating up my time and energy - but today I saw something I knew I HAD to post IMMEDIATELY.

Please know that even if my posting slows down appreciably, I still love this blog and will always occasionally deposit treasures here. Who made the rule that you have to post everyday anyways? Post when you have something and want to - that's what I say.

Thanks to all of you who do check in - it's lovely recieving your comments and your attention.

Anyways- this is HOLI - the Hindu festival of colors - everything about it is so lovely - it's all about banishing evil and celebrating joy and surprise and color and spring and newness etc. etc.

These pictures make me SO HAPPY!
{images from the boston globe}


Elzbieta said...

Colors are powerful! I love to surround myself with colors and I use strong colors in my art.I like the belief that they chase away bad spirits. Thank you for posting these great photos. I learned, thanks to you, about "HOLI".

paintings365 said...

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khonmanrak said...

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