Thursday, March 19, 2009

cute as f

can't NOT post these! TOO ADORABLE!Prepare to be devastated by the CUTENESS

generally not a fan of dressing the pets up - I MUCH prefer to dress MYSELF, but these little bugs don't seem UNHAPPY...mostly they just radiate the most cutest cuteness I have been bombarded with in a LONG time

Get some more at: beantown handmade on etsy


Elzbieta said...

How unfair! I am devastated!My dream is to have a tiny dog with a walking closet full of outfits (just kidding) - but we know they get cold very easy. My dream dog's breed starts with "CH". Can you solve this riddle?
Thank you for posting this innocent models.

YooLa said...

Cute as can be :)

khonmanrak said...

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MadSilence said...

And why should the cats be left out? :-)

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